Mixing fruits with festive zeal

Colourful Ceremony

Mixing fruits with festive zeal

Fun: Cake mixing in progress.

The event was organised at Westminster and had regulars pouring in from different parts of the City to join the festivities.

A large table with a depression, giving it a tray like appearance, had huge sacks of black currants, raisins, peeled almonds, finely diced apples, and cherries lined up. The guests adorning the chef's hat, gloves and aprons began the ceremony by pouring in the fruits sacks onto the table, followed by sugar and butter.

Towards the end, the most important part of the fruit mixing ceremony – alcohol to soak  the fruits – was added. Copious amounts of wine, rum and whisky were mixed with the fruit mixture in a joyous frenzy. The alcohol also triggered a series of jokes and further lightened the atmosphere.

“This is a very common tradition in the Christian household like the wine making ritual prior to Christmas in Goa. We have this event every year to mark off the beginning of Christmas festivities,” said Anil Chadha, the general manager of the hotel. 

Vijay Malhotra, the executive chef, said that the mixture made by the guests was going to be stored for a month so that the dry fruits can marinate properly. “We will be using this dry fruit marinate for making christmas cakes. The flavours need to blend in perfectly. The main idea is to make the guests feel that they have played a significant part in making the christmas cake and thereby increase the Christmas spirit!” he added.

About the other goodies in his christmas shop, he said , “We will be making Yule logs, Marzipan cakes, stolen bread and the legendary rich plum cake apart from the regular Christmas cake and pudding.”

Namrata and Nutan Beri, the mother-daughter duo, who had been invited to the event said, “We initially thought that we would be baking some cake too, however this was fun. It was nice to get our hands dirty and be part of this wonderful tradition.”

Melody, an American expatriate smiled in agreement and said, “It was a fun-filled experience and I really enjoyed it.” The event ended with a high tea.

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