Battle of the best

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Battle of the best

Smart: Derek O’ Brian quizzing the students.

This year being the centenary year of the Limca Book of Records, they hope to take this event to 100 cities in India. Bangalore has been the 73rd city in the countdown. Winners from the City will be a part of the semi-finals that will have winning teams from the 100 cities participating. The event will be conducted through a video-conferencing session. The top ten teams, out of the 100 teams, will be flown down to New Delhi for the finals, which are scheduled to be held on December 16. The entire event is a corporate social responsibility initiative which aims at increasing exposure in smaller cities.

The Bangalore finals had over 80 schools participating in the preliminary round. The massive number was brought down to six schools, who took the centre stage, during the nail-biting finals. Baldwin Boys, The Brigade School at Millennium, The Frank Anthony Public School, National Hill View Public School, St Joseph’s and National Public School, HSR Layout, were the smart ones who made it. Derek O’ Brian took the stage wearing a bubble gum pink sweater and did not portray his intimidating television image. The audience was a lively bunch who participated in the event with an unconditional enthusiasm.

The quiz had six rounds, with the first one being a multiple choice round. There also existed an audio-visual round and the hot-favourite buzzer round. The audiences were given Maaza bottles for giving out the right answers. It was fascinating to see how the students of Bangalore managed to charm the master-quizzer with their quick wit and intelligence. “I must confess that of all the Cities I have been to, the students in Bangalore have by far been the more relaxed. It is nice to know that they are aware that it is just a game and for this, I must applaud the teachers,” said Derek O’ Brian appreciating the fun-loving participants and teachers.

Pranav K and Mollika M of The Frank Anthony Public School, emerged as the winners after a fun-filled battle of wits. They won by a very large margin and humbly stated that they had come mainly to watch the finals but ended up winning it. The second and the third places were won by St Joseph’s and Brigade School respectively.

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