Students forced to use open space despite toilets in schools

Although the majority of government schools in the taluk have toilets, most of them remain locked-up, or are used solely by teachers or officers of the Education Department. The students are forced to relieve themselves in the open.

The toilet of the Government Higher Primary Model School located in the Block Education Officer’s office premises remains locked all the time. Students of this school have been forced to use the open ground to relieve themselves.

Skin allergies

As a result, many students suffering from skin allergies when they come in contact with various plants and bushes.

The threat of ground water pollution because of the open defecation also looms large here.
Under the Total Sanitation Campaign, the Central government  provides thousands of crores of rupees to build toilets in every homes and schools. Many awareness programmes are being conducted in this regard.

But the officials’ insensitiveness towards the students’ needs and health may sabotage the programme.

In many areas, NGOs working on TSC, who have found families not receptive to having a toilet at home, have been focusing on students, making them aware of the need for the toilet, so that the youth can build opinion at home.

But when the students themselves are denied toilets, what awareness can be there?

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