CWG Organising Committee gives explanation through full-page ads

In the advertisement, titled 'Special Commonwealth Games Report', the OC explained that it had no role on the money spent on any infrastructure/construction related projects.

Besides, it even rubbished widespread claims that figures relating to the conduct of the Games shot up to Rs 28,000 crores - 70,000 crores.The run-up to the mega event was marred by missed deadlines, corruption scandals, cost overruns and filthy rooms at the Games Village.

OC Chairman Suresh Kalmadi bore the brunt of the criticism for the mismanagement. He resigned as Secretary of the Congress Parliamentary Party (CPP) yesterday.Giving details, OC in the report said that the total budget was Rs 1831 crores plus the overlays, while the amount that has been spent till date was Rs 1400 crores plus the overlays.
The Committee gave the figures of Rs 674 crores as the revenue raised by OC through sponsorship/TV rights/ticketing. And the value to contract awarded to Government agencies/PSU/CGF was given as Rs 620 crores.

The OC sought to clarify that it had no role in developing the infrastructure and in fact, it specified its roles and responsibilities in a separate column in the special newspaper report.

Amongst other justifications, the OC gave full details of the tender process for awarding the contracts.

Meanwhile, under a title 'The real story about tissue paper and treadmill', OC explained the myths and truths of the tissue paper rolls and umbrellas, while listing the items (treadmills, cross-trainers, air-conditioners, DG set upto 5KVA, refrigerators -- 250 & 350 litres, ice-making machines, air fresheners, mosquito repellant, printers) that were not procured as Overlays.

The media widely reported earlier that the toilet paper rolls were bought by the OC at whopping 4,000 (approx) bucks a pop and umbrellas were bought at Rs 6,000 per piece, while treadmills were hired at Rs 9 lakh and air conditioners hired at Rs 4 lakh.
Apart from all the clarifications, OC also gave the details of how extravagant the 2010 event was and also some of the acclaims it received during the Games from the international media.

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