Leading an American life

Spanglish airs on HBO on November 11 at 9 pm. The movie stars Adam Sandler, Paz Vega, Tea Leoni and Cloris Leachman. John Clasky is a devoted dad whose skills as a chef have afforded his family a very upscale life including a summer home in Malibu and a new housekeeper. The housekeeper has recently emigrated to LA from Mexico with her remarkable daughter who is rapidly embracing the American way of life.
When the mother and daughter move in with the Claskys for the summer, she has to fight for her daughter’s soul as she  discovers that life in a new country is perilous — especially when you are being embraced by an affluent, eccentric American family.

Risking their lives

Exhilarating:  Secrets Of The Secret Service Discovery Channel presents Secrets Of The Secret Service on November 11 at 10 pm. They are a highly trained guardian force schooled in history, motivated by tragedy and weary of each and every potential threat. This is high stress work and it’s dedicated operatives have all signed on to the risk of personal danger. But their work must remain unnoticeable to the public. Their layers of protection must remain invisible like their name, the Secret Service.

They are armed with an arsenal of protection unseen by public. Their tools include specially designed weapons, bullet-proof fabrics and transparent armour all ready within a heartbeat. The highly illustrated show unravels the Secrets of the Secret Service.

From city to forest 

Post the success of its reality show, Halli Haida Pyatege Bandha (Villager Came to Town), which has seen overwhelming viewership for the last three months, Suvarna Channel, recently launched a new reality show titled Pyate Mandhi Kadige Bandharu (City Folks Came to Forest). 

The new reality show went on air on November 8 and is telecast every Monday to Friday at 8 pm. Noted actor and dancer Akul Balaji is anchoring the show. 

According to Suvarna Channel’s non-fiction head, Raghavendra Hunusur, the idea behind the new reality show is an attempt at depicting how the city folks, who are used to leading luxurious and easy-going lifestyles, face the harsh and uncertain situations of a forest. 

Stating the new reality show is a novel attempt in Kannada by the channel. The primary objective of the reality show, according to the organisers, is to depict how city boys and girls adjust to the new environment after suddenly being transported to the forest and lead their lives coming to terms with the new situation. 

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