Efforts on to set an early hearing into Pak trio case: ICC

Butt and fast bowlers Asif and Aamer were provisionally suspended by the ICC last month following spot-fixing allegations by British tabloid 'News of the World' in late August.
Butt and Aamer had appealed against the suspension only to be rejected by the ICC Code of Conduct Commissioner Michael Beloff, early this month.

"Various counsels were meeting to set up a date for the formation of the tribunal and for the hearing and at this point of time I cannot give an exact date, but rest assured we want to do it as soon as possible," Lorgat told reporters at the ICC headquarters.

"Things have been exchanged among four sets of attorneys. You need to have an agreement about their availability and readiness to be at the case," he added.

An Independent anti-corruption tribunal will hear the case and decide if the players were guilty or innocent.

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