Priyanka Chopra speaks out for children's right to education

The National award winning actress is backing the Awaaz Do campaign, voicing her support for the movement in a video message encouraging people to sign up on the campaign website.

"School was the best time of my life, I loved school. Every time I see kids going to school, it brings back such amazing memories of my own time," Priyanka says. "Education can change lives. That's why I'm raising my voice for the 8 million children who are out of school... We've tried silence. It's now time to speak up for every child's right to be educated," she adds.

The Awaaz Do campaign was launched nationwide last month to raise awareness of the fact that eight million children in India, aged six to 14, still do not go to school.

Since the launch, more than sixteen thousand Indians have lent their voices to the cause, pledging their support for the right to education and joining movement by signing up on the campaign website or by sending a text message.

The Awaaz Do campaign uses online and mobile communications technologies to mobilize and empower people to become actively engaged in discussions and debates.

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