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Traffic chaos at Malleswaram

Come holidays and weekends, and there is utter traffic chaos near Mantri Mall, Malleswaram. Traffic comes to grinding halt and commuters on this road find it difficult to pass through this 200-metre stretch. Majority of the people travelling to Yeshwantpur Railway Station are forced to take this road and get struck in traffic. There are many instances, wherein people have missed the trains.

Many visitors to the mall, to avoid parking fee, park their vehicles in the bylanes and in turn, block the gates of nearby residents and the adjoining roads. There is a ground nearby, which BBMP should convert into a parking lot in the evenings. This can avoid the parking problems at the mall and some revenue can also be earned.

S K Venkatesh

Remove garbage

There is garbage piling up on the pavement and the road, opposite to 10 West Park Road.

Despite lodging repeated complaints to the people concerned, no action has been taken so far. Garbage continues to pile up and the stench is unbearable.

The BBMP should clear, clean and maintain door-to-door garbage disposal.

K Mahadevan
Kumarapark East

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