Man called 'impotent' by Rakhi dies of depression

Man called 'impotent' by Rakhi dies of depression

Motor mouth: Reality television star Rakhi Sawant.

Luxman of Raigarh area in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, had participated in one of the episodes of Rakhee’s show last month during which the film actress had reportedly called him “namard” (impotent).

According to Luxman’s family, the young man had some differences with his wife Anita who had left him to live with her parents a few months ago. “Anita had alleged that a member of Luxman’s family had tried to rape her,” the family members said.

“After coming to know about Rakhee’s show, Anita contacted the organisers who then asked both Luxman and her to take part in the show,” Luxman’s maternal uncle Balbir claimed.

“We thought Luxman will get justice at the show but instead he was called an impotent, much to his shock,” he alleged. “Tum namard ho,” (you are impotent), Rakhee reportedly yelled at Luxman at the show.

Luxman was shocked further when the reality show was aired in a TV channel and was watched by his friends and neighbours. “Luxman stopped going out of home since then,” his mother Savitri said.

“My son stopped eating and went into depression... we also took him to a hospital. He died on Wednesday,” a grieving Savitri said pointing an accusing finger at the Bollywood actress.

Even Anita is shocked at Rakhee’s remarks. “Rakhee did shout at Luxman...he felt very bad,” she said.

The family members are contemplating approaching the police against the actress.
At one of the earlier episodes of the show, a couple got into a real fight and started throwing footwear at each other.

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