Unauthorised religious structures to be razed

Kolar district admin making preparations for process

Several places of worship have come up illegally on the road sides, on Government waste land, on tank bunds, in forest areas, on BGML lands, in City Municipal Council regions, on roads belonging to the Public Works Department, etc.

Out of the 51 places of worship, 45 are Hindu temples. It is significant to note that most of them are Anjaneya Swamy temples. And the remaining six are churches. However, there are no illegal mosques.

The places of worship range from very structures to huge buildings. For example, in Srinivaspur taluk, temples are constructed in 10 X 10 and 20 X 140 feet area and in Mulbagal taluk, temples have come up in 30 X 40 feet area.

In Kolar taluk, most of the structures have come up in 40 X 60 feet area, while, a huge church has been constructed on the BGML lands in Kolar Gold fields in 100 X 60 feet area. A huge temple has also come up in 100 X 60 feet area, at Kolar Gold Fields.

There are total 14 unauthorised places of worship in Mulbagal, 10 in Srinivaspur, 22 in Bangarpet and five in Kolar. Following are the details of unauthorised structures which have come up at various places.

In Srinivaspur taluk

The Abhayanjaneya temple on the Government land in Srinivaspur town, Shri Rama temple in Chaldiganahalli, Anjaneya Swamy temple in the forest region beside Kolluru Colony Gate, Anjaneya Swamy temple in a canal at Kolluru, Gangamma temple on the tank bund of Yerramwaripalli pond, Rama temple beside Nagireddypally Road, Gangamma temple in Yaldur, Lakshmi Narasimha temple on Government waste land in Kondasandra, Chowdeshwari temple on Government waste land in Hodali and Vinayaka temple in Kashettipally have been identified.

In Mulbagal taluk

Choweshwari temple on Ramasandra Road, Ganesha, Navagraha and Gangamma temples in Mulbagal town, Anjaneya temple in Yelavahalli, Chowdeshwari temple in Padmaghatta, Anjaneya temple in Tatikalli, Shani Mahatma temple in Thayalur, Anjaneya temple in Veerupakshi, Bayakonda Gangamma temple in Kadiripu, Anjaneya Swamy temple in T Agara, Anjaneya and Ganesha temples in Mushtur, Gangamma temple in Gunigantipalya, Gangamma temple in Gookunte have been identified as illegal structures. All these temples have come up on the Government waste land.

In Kolar taluk

Sai Baba temple and Gangamma temple on Survey No 51 at Kurugal, Shani Mahatma, Anjaneya and Naga Devathe temples on on Survey No 68 at Shettyhalli are unauthorised structures in Kolar.

In Bangarpet taluk

Four churches and a Hindu temple on BGML land, a church and Ganesha temple on the City Municipal Council land and church has been constructed on Survey No 48. The Anjaneya Swamy temple in Madiwala, Ganesha temple and Maheshwaramma temple in Kudiyuru and Anjaneya temples at Chickkataduru, Abbenahalli and Malur.

In Malur taluk

The Anjaneya temples in Sonnappanahatti, Doddashiwar, Shiwarapattana, Tornahalli, Sonnahalli, Gudnahalli, Karinayakanahalli and Malur are all said to be unauthorised.

Some of the temples listed are said to be not existing, according to some of the tahsildars. Action will be taken against such unauthorised structures, once it is proved after spot inspection. Speaking to Deccan Herald, Additional Deputy Commissioner N Baganna said that preparations are on to raze all these religious structures.

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