'Outsiders' won't maintain City streetlights

Speaking with Deccan Herald, Mayor S K Nataraj stated that  the BBMP was not happy with the work being done by the present contractors.  Complaints from people have been pouring in. “The contractors who fix the streetlights give a guarantee for only one year. To solve this problem we have decided to give the maintenance contracts to only BBMP registered contractors,” he said.

Accordingly, the terms and conditions for maintenance contracts have been amended by the Palike. The BBMP has asked the Electrical Department to issue tenders to those contractors who will promise to use only quality lamps. “We have  asked the department not to accept tenders with profit margins below 50 per cent,” he said.

Third party inspection

Further, the BBMP has issued directions to have a third party inspection of these streetlights to check the quality of the illumination. The tenders which will be invited in the coming days will have a package system of two wards per contractor.

The Palike expects to have better maintenance system in keeping a check on defunct streetlights. The Mayor said installation of LED lights will be taken up in a phased manner.

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