Eating like a king

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Eating like a king

Healthy: English breakfast is slowly getting popular with the City's population.

The concept of breakfast varies from home to home. The items that people enjoy for breakfast vary from ghee-laden paranthas to simple idli-vada chutney combo. However, with people experimenting with their food, the English and the American breakfast menu are slowly getting popular among Bangaloreans. Metrolife talks to people about their preferences for breakfast and whether they enjoy a variety in their morning meal.
Many in the City have opened up to the idea of having an elaborate meal with eggs, croissant, baked beans and what not. “I like the American breakfast with meat and hash brown, bread and lots of cheese. Personally, I am a fan of big breakfasts whether Indian, American or English,” says Sumandro Chattopadhaya, an urban researcher. Many say that the change in food is what makes the meal enjoyable. “I feel that American breakfast is wholesome and provide the much needed break from the staple fare like idli-dosa that is served here,” says Sangita Subnis, an HR professional. “An American breakfast is the heaviest kind of breakfast I've ever had and it's got more variety on a single plate than most breakfast do. This is one meal I keep for Saturday mornings when I show up at my favourite restaurant in ultra loose pants and get set for an hour or two of just leisure eating,” says Ashish, an IT professional.

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day but often is ignored by many. “I have a quick butter toast for breakfast through the week,” says Parul, a consultant. “So the option of a relaxed breakfast buffet which is available in a few restaurants is rejuvenating. And it is a welcome change to bite into hot buttery waffles in the morning,” she adds.

But is the love for elaborate breakfast limited to gorging outside or are people open to experimenting at home?

“Yes, I would. It is relatively easy to make at home if all the ingredients are in place,” says Sangita. Sumandro adds, “I would love to make it at home but the only constraint is availability of good meat.”

But there are also those who think otherwise.

“You can't cook everything by yourself and still eat them hot. I would rather have it served to me hot and on time,” says Ashish smiling.

And while people seem gung-ho with the concept, the regular dosa or parantha still has plenty of takers.

“After having experienced the subtle nuances of traditional English breakfast I look for an excuse to have one again.

But nothing satisfies the palate more than traditional ‘ghar ka khana’,” says Kowsik, an IT professional.

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