Aeno Onthara

Love is pre-ordained here!

Aeno Onthara

Aeno Onthara, the Kannada remake of the Tamil super hit Kushi does not hold the same edge as the Vijay-Jyothika starrer. The movie whines and drags from the very beginning. Ganesh looks to have lost his magic touch and seriously needs to forget his glorious past.

But in stark contrast Madhu (Priyamani) manages to steal the show in a tailor-made role. Her fresh and bubbly face adds some respite to the done, dusted and predictable script.
Surya (Ganesh), who is raised in Delhi is all set to go to Canada to study but fate proves otherwise and he lands up in Mysore instead.

Madhu and Surya who study in the same college manage to become friends but viewers need to wait till the very end for them to express their love.

Sharan provides some comic relief but is no way close to Vivek in his role as dancemaster of the troop. Music by R P Patnaik is passable.

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