Jewellery shop robbed of 37 gold bangles

Jewellery shop robbed of 37 gold bangles

A seven-member gang took less than five minutes for burgling a jewellery shop on the busy CMH Road and walk away with ornaments worth Rs 20 lakh on Friday afternoon.

Five men and a woman with a a baby girl entered the Goldmine jewellery shop at noon on the pretext of buying ornaments. Each of them went to one of the four counters in the shop and engaged the staff. And within five minutes all of them left. As soon they were gone, the staff realised that a box containing 37 pieces of gold bangles was missing from the first counter.

Police rushed to the spot with dog and finger print squad. “There are 13 cameras in the shop, of which only three cameras captured clear pictures of the suspects from every angle, who looked like village residents. According to their strategy, they would enter and leave the shop in a fraction of time and manage to divert the attention, while one of them would commit the crime,” the police said. The police suspect that the suspects belong to Tamil Nadu or Andhra Pradesh.

Robbery bid

The alert owner of Bhavavathi Jewellery in K R Puram thwarted an attempt to rob his shop on Friday afternoon.

According to police, two people entered the shop on the pretext of buying some ornaments, while owner Sathyanarayana was alone in the shop. They left the shop within few minutes. “They returned after half-an-hour. One of them entered the shop while the other  sat on a bike outside. All of a sudden, the man inside the shop took out an air pistol and started demanding valuables.

 A scared Sathyanarayana screamed out of fear and other shop owners gathered the spot. Anticipating public wrath, the duo fled the spot on bike leaving the weapon behind,” the police said.

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