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Political satire

The entire pre-release marketing buzz of Peepli [Live] posed a single question — will Natha die or not? And to everyone’s happiness, Natha did survive in the end. But that didn’t make for a happy ending. In the closing scene of the this film, he is shown lost, sad and in despair at a construction site in a big city. Peepli [Live] is a hard-hitting film brimming with dark humour. Directed by debutant director Anusha Rizvi and produced by Aamir Khan, Peepli [Live] highlights all the right things we are doing the wrong way — lucrative government schemes not implemented, superficial awareness about the actual problems farmers face in India. Like the scene where Natha is presented with the Lal Bahadur Shastri Award and is given a hand pump by the government. It’s ironic that he does have the apparatus but no funds to install it. Peepli [Live] is a film with a heart and soul — a relief in the era where we have to make do with films like Housefull or Dabangg. The film’s DVD was released recently and is also available in Blu-ray format which contains bonus features like a one hour documentary ‘Live from Peepli’, deleted scenes, theatrical trailers etc.

Peepli [live]
Directed by Anusha Rizvi
Excel Home
Entertainment, Rs 299

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