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Going green

Cutting Carbon Footprint is a 48 minute film that talks about global warming and encourages individuals to take action. Keeping in line with the need of the hour, the idea and objective behind the film is to make people more aware and conscious about the environment. The film reminds each and every citizen of his moral and social responsibility towards planet earth. The film showcases and observes an average Indian family and how they start following greener and more environmentally friendly processes at home. It also features corporate and individuals who are actively involved in promoting a green society. Watch it tonight at 8 pm on National Geographic

Global killer

Nearly every society on earth is affected by diabetes — one of the most pressing health crises facing humanity today. Currently, more than 246 million people worldwide are living with the disease, a number that is expected to explode to 380 million within 20 years. Despite recent advancements — including new medications, monitoring devices and measurements — the fight against diabetes continues to be an uphill battle. In an effort to raise awareness and uncover new clues for combating the disease, Discovery Channel presents Diabetes: A Global Epidemic — a definitive look at how diabetes affects the global community. Watch tonight at 7 pm.

Indian travel tales

Watch Mera India — It Happens Only in India tonight at 10 pm on Fox History & Entertainment and enjoy the beauty of Jaisalmer and Kolkata along with host Malishka. The episode begins with a visit to Jaisalmer, famous for its imposing Golden Fort, but also other little known attractions. Malishka goes on a journey which takes her to the eerie deserted village of Kuldhara and sand dunes where she meets the Manganiyar minstrels. She then travels to Kolkata, though on a different quest. Landing in the middle of Dasara in the city, she is mesmerised by the festivities. Her search for the unusual leads her straight to the Amitabh Bachchan temple. Paying her allegiance to China town, she makes her way to taste a cuisine that traces its roots to the Nawab of Avadh.

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