Germany objects to Ramesh's SUV remarks

Germany objects to Ramesh's SUV remarks

"It is very difficult to imagine that Mr. Jairam Ramesh, Minister of Environment & Forests has made such specific comments on fuel technology with reference to German Automotive Manufacturers," German Ambassador Thomas Matussek said in a statement here.

Launching a strong defence, he said the German Automotive Industry had the "most outstanding expertise" in the area of engine development and its technology was "far advanced in reducing both fuel consumption and fuel emissions."

"The German industry is also proud to have some of the most sustainable car companies in the world who have pioneered CO2 emission cuts and have next generation fuel efficiency standards in engines," Matussek said.

At a UN function here yesterday, Ramesh strongly favoured taking "gas guzzling" Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) off Indian roads saying they emitted more carbons and called their use in the country as "criminal".

He had favoured a reformed diesel policy as the real beneficiaries of the subsidy were the owners of the "BMWs, the Benzs and Hondas" and not farmers.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz are leading automakers founded and based in Germany, and popular the world-over.

Matussek said Germany's success in reducing CO2 emissions had contributed widely to variety of fuel-saving and emissions-reducing measures implemented by the German Automotive Industry.

"The German Automotive industry has been continuously progressing to secure a sustainable future with fuel saving engines, state of the art recycling techniques and greener production facilities," he said.

"Leading German Automotive Manufacturers are already engaged in developing ground breaking fuel efficiency standards which may define how cars of tomorrow may be conceptualised," Matussek said.

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