Ex RSS spokesman suggests legal action against Sudarshan

"Sonia Gandhi should not take the derogatory remarks against her lightly but initiate legal action, be it criminal defamation or civil defamation," Vaidya told PTI.

Since the charges of serious nature are not against Congress party or the UPA government but against the individual (Gandhi), she should knock the doors of a court of law, Vaidya said.

"The allegations are of serious nature since Sudarshan accused her of being an agent of US intelligence agency CIA. If Gandhi does not go to court, the charges will remain on record and will not be wiped out. Let the court decide about the allegations," Vaidya, also a former editor of a local Marathi daily, said.

On Sudarshan's comments on the birth circumstances of Sonia Gandhi, Vaidya said they were uncalled for. He said street demonstrations and burning Sudarshan's effigies will not do but the best option is dragging him to court.

"Sudarshan's statement is not justifiable and therefore the RSS leadership has apologised and distanced itself from the comments," Vaidya said.He said Sudarshan's statements have diluted the nation-wide demonstrations and sit-in agitations by RSS against Congress to protest the party's attempts of maligning the Hindu right-wing organisation's image.

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