Sarees for moms, gifts for girls

Yeddyurappa seeks to bond with the Bhagyalakshmi families

The Chief Minister, who has already appeased the State’s women folk by distributing sarees, in the coming year will not only distribute the bonds to the girl children entitled under the scheme but also give them gifts.

However, the mothers of the entitled children will continue to be gifted with sarees.
Permanent feature

“The Bhagyalakshmi Scheme will remain a permanent welfare scheme, as it is aimed at empowering the girl children, as well as their mothers, who in the recent days were gifted with sarees,” said the Chief Minister while addressing a rally here on Saturday. Prior to his 20-minute speech a gala event was organised where sarees and bonds were distributed among the district’s women and their children respectively.

The Chief Minister intends to institutionalise the scheme through a legislation that would ensure more children in the State, and also their mothers, are covered under it.

Yeddyurappa made some of the women drape themselves in synthetic sarees, each costing Rs 195 and made them appear before him for a photo shoot.

Education stressed

He also recalled American President Barack Obama’s speech in Mumbai and Delhi where he had commended India’s youth and had exhorted them to realise their full potential.
He also suggested the women folk present at the function to lay more emphasis on educating their children.

Also, Yeddyurappa said that a circular would soon be issued making the learning of ‘Raitha Geethe’ (Farmers’ song) by rote compulsory for all primary school children.

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