Community panels yet to be set up

Dr G B Sattur

Alarmed by increase of diabetes among youngsters, the Union government has set up such committees.

The World Health Organisation provides funds liberally to constitute such committees. “Such committees should ensure more organised and stringent methods to detect diabetes and prevent further complications,” said leading cardio-diabteologist, Dr G B Sattur. He said such committees could also ensure proper utilisation of WHO funds and regretted that the state government had not realised their importance.

While India is slated to become the global capital of diabetics, the trend in the US and European countries is no different.

The number of youngsters falling prey to diabetes is increasing year by year in these countries.  These nations have committee which strictly monitor diabetes screening methods at community levels. The committees are always alert to ensure that screening is carried out scientifically.

This has helped them detect diabetes among youngsters at an early age and evolve perfect diabetes management. Hence, such youngsters will have less complications in their later lives, Dr Sattur pointed out.

Screening methods

In India, diabetes is not detected at an early stage due to improper screening methods and this leads to further complications at later stages.

Advocating the need for a separate discipline on life style disorders in higher education, Dr Sattur said life style has undergone a sea change post liberalisation. Coupled with the fact that Indians are more prone to diabetes genetically, the country will have to spend about two-thirds of its revenue to fight diabetes and cardiac problems.

 Prevalent diabetes would affect the productive capacity of the citizens and can have an adverse bearing on the economic output as well, he apprehended.

Pancreatic transplants have made some advance so far, but genetic solution for prevention of diabetes is still far off, Dr Sattur said.

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