Surgical cure for Type II diabetes

Long lasting: Ileal transposition can spare diabetics from medication

‘Ileal Transposition Diabetic Surgery’ is one of the latest boons for diabetics. The procedure, gradually gaining popularity in India can be a permanent solution for diabetes.

Only a handful of patients have undergone the surgery in India and the results have been quite positive.

The procedure involves transposition of two parts of the small intestine. 

Blood-sugar levels

The lower portion of the intestine, called ileum, contains an enzyme GALT which controls blood-sugar levels in the pancreas. The pancreas produce insulin. The surgery interchanges the location of jejunum, the upper portion of the intestine, with that of the ileum to rectify the release of insulin.

Brazilian doctor, Dr Aureo de Paula pioneered the procedure and has been conducting such surgeries for the past six years. The operation costs about Rs four lakh.

A normal person

“I underwent surgery in January 2009 and since then I have not taken any insulin tablets or injections to control my blood-sugar levels. I am a free person now like anybody else who need not keep a tab on the consumption of sweets,” Shubada Dawade, a
46-year-old advocate from Mumbai said.

She was diagnosed with diabetes four years prior to the surgery. She said she was desperately looking for an alternative to medicines and came to know about the surgery through internet.

Dr Shabeer Ahmed, Consultant Gastrointestinal and Laparoscopic Surgeon at Fortis Hospital explained that Ileal Transposition Surgery can actually keep diabetic patients off their insulin doses forever.

“The surgery is a very simple 3-4 hours of laparoscopic  procedure and the patient
can be discharged on the same day. He/she can get back to normal activity in 4 to 5 days,” he said.

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