'Brand Scan' takes off in Manipal

Bigger the brand, bigger the challenges, says Ramesh Adige

Speaking on the occasion, Corporate Affairs and Global Corporate Communications, Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd President Ramesh Adige said that sustaining a brand is difficult when compared to creating one.

“A brand is not built only by logo, colours and advertisements but it is also created through the people in the organisation. Brands can be made and killed overnight,” said Adige adding that companies need to constantly re-invent the brand all the time.

“Bigger the brand, bigger the challenges. The challenges against the brand should be taken on the faces. Stakeholders play a crucial role in the process of branding. One should not ignore stakeholders and should relate to them intimately. Branding can take up a national stage. India is a tough market,” he added.

Former IIM-B Director Dr K R S Murthy said brand is a joint product of various stakeholders mainly customers and the producers.

It is very important to study a brand through its history, he said.  Brand scan also witnessed ‘Mr Biker,’ an event that attracted young biking enthusiasts who performed stunts and showcased their talents to compete for the coveted title of ‘Mr Biker.’

This was followed by the much awaited battle of the bands between ‘Drop3’ from Manipal, ‘Zehan’ from Manipal, ‘EPW’ from Goa, ‘Theorized’ from Bangalore and ‘exiled’ from Manipal. ‘Kryptos’ from Bangalore had a live performance.

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