Onions to soon cost Rs 60 a kg

Onions to soon cost Rs 60 a kg

The expected hike in the price is due to the damage of crop in the onion-growing areas of the State in the heavy rain that followed the cyclonic effect last week. A chunk of the yield was lost when it was being dried after harvest, whereas a major part was washed away while being readied for harvest.

The rain shattered the hopes of the farmers of a bumper crop. Onion is grown in over 17 lakh hectare land in the State. According to Hopcoms MD Parashiva Murthy, “Challakere in Chitradurga, Jagalur and Harapanahalli in Davangere district, Gadag, Dharwad, Bijapur and Bagalkot are the major onion-growing areas in the State.”

Nearly 60 per cent of the onion grown here have been completely damaged,” HOPCOMS Managing Director, Parashiva Murthy, said.

The supply in Bangalore APMC, as compared to same period last year, has decreased by 50 per cent.

Around 5,000 tonnes of onions a day would reach Banglaore last year, but this time, it is just around 2, 500 tonnes.

The input of onions from Bijapur has also decreased from nearly 3,000 tonnes a day last year to just around 1,000 tonnes. As on Saturday, Grade I onion was priced at Rs 46, and Grade II at Rs 34.

The hike is expected to remain till January 15, when onions from other supplier regions in and around Nasik in Maharastra will come in. Murthy, however, feels the prices will not go beyond Rs 60.

“Farmers from other states, knowing there is dearth of onions in Karnataka, will start selling whatever little they can for profit.

“Moreover, the usage will automatically come down once the price goes up. Yet if the situation worsens, the HOPCOMS will ensure price is under control,” Murthy assured.

Import of onions is the only way to curb the price rise, in case of an increase in demand and dip in supply. However, Cabinet decision is required for this, according to Additional Director, APMC Markets, M A Nagaraj.

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