Kasab shows no interest in 26/11 case: Lawyer

Solkar, who met Kasab in his heavily guarded bullet and bomb-proof cell at Arthur Road Central Prison here yesterday, said: “He does not evince interest in the 26/11 case”.
“We talked about religion and things in general but often he went off the tangent and diverted from the topic...I think he is lost in his own world,” Solkar told PTI.

“Kasab seems to be medically fit and showed interest in reading books. I have promised to give him some story books in Urdu as he is proficient in that language,” Solkar said.
The jail authorities have already provided him with the  Quran and Kasab recites the verses regularly.

“All that I can understand from meeting him is that he is unpredictable. He says one thing at a particular moment and suddenly switches to another topic,” Solkar said.

Asked what was his purpose of meeting Kasab, Solkar said: “I wanted to know his mental frame of mind because of the tantrums he has been throwing in the court and jail.”

Meanwhile, hearing on Kasab’s appeal and confirmation of his death sentence would resume tomorrow before Justice Ranjana Desai and Justice R V More in the Bombay High Court after Diwali vacations and his lawyers have geared up to submit their arguments.

Kasab’s confession

On Monday, Government Counsel Ujjwal Nikam would reiterate Kasab’s confession and his admission of guilt in the trial court on how he and other terrorists had come from Karachi to strike terror in the commercial capital of India.

“I would focus on the conspiracy of Lashkar-e-Taiba to give military and intelligence to Kasab and nine others who came by sea route and killed 166 persons at Nariman House and hotels Taj Mahal and Oberoi,” Nikam said.

Nikam would highlight Kasab’s confession in which he has described how the security apparatus of Pakistan was used to train terrorists for the attack in Mumbai.

Defence lawyers would argue that identification of Kasab by the witnesses in the court did not have evidential value because his photographs were flashed in newspapers and on TV on the day of attacks.

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