Amidst the forces of nature

Born Free

So the students of BNM Institute of Technology have come up with BNM Friends Of Nature Club, an initiative dedicated to conserving wildlife, creating ecological awareness among people and experiencing nature in its purest from.

The admission to the nature club is based on the performance of students in an entrance test, in which, they have to prove their interest in wildlife activities.

Currently, the club has around 300 student members, who have taken part in many adventure sports like parasailing, mountaineering, trekking, water sports, environmental awareness programmes, tree plantations and bird-watching, which are otherwise a rare thing for them to experience in their daily lives.

They also capture their experiences during excursions on camera and produce documentaries about nature and screening Green Oscar Award winning films and documentaries on wildlife conservation and environment protection.

Apart from these, the club arranges many awareness programmes each semester on various environment-related issues like recycling, global warming, eco-friendly lifestyle, stray dog adoption and organic farming. Though the activities of the club seem serious, the students enjoy themselves to the fullest and make all these tasks enjoyable by adopting unique ways.

“I imagined myself flying when I saw the photos and information about the activities of the nature club on the notice board and also in the prospectus. My experiences in rock climbing, moonlight trekking, rappelling, river crossing, gorge walking, kayaking, rafting and jungle safari have been really amazing. All these activities have helped me overcome my inhibitions and fears. This club is the dream child of our secretary Narayan Rao Maanay and he accompanies the students for all the excursions. Our coordinator Shesha Prasad sir, despite being affected by polio, takes an active part in all the activities of the club,” says Dhanush Kumar from the CSE department.

Since the formation of the club, the members have already been to Sharavati River Valley, Avalanche, Yana, Karwar, BR Hills and Bandipur for five-day-long trips respectively. This year, the team has planned a trip to Dandeli.

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