Recreation made meaningful

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Recreation made meaningful

Movie-buffs: Watching good cinema is the motto of Gandhi Class members.

It’s not about the art of watching films, but the sheer pleasure of watching good cinema, feel the members of Gandhi Class, the film club of Jyoti Nivas Degree College.

Started by the students of Communicative English, English Literature and Psychology (CEP) many years ago, Gandhi Class had become slightly inactive over time.

However, the club was revived last year once again by the CEP students and has been one of the most popular clubs of JNC since then.

Alina and Neeta, two students of final year CEP, are the president and the vice-president of the club respectively.

“The film club is a place where opportunity meets both recreation and intellectual thinking. The club is not to teach anyone how to watch a movie. Instead, it is aimed at exploring the boundaries of  film worlds (around the globe) and to make people widen their knowledge and understanding of movies,” explains Alina.

 According to her, people tend to tag movies based on genres, language or the film industries they come from.

“However, at the Gandhi Class, we strive to make people aware that movies are a form of expression be it mute or loud, violent or peaceful and English or Tamil.”

Jennifer Francis, a second year CEP student, is an active member of the club.

“The organising and decision-making parts of the club are done by the seniors. So I just attend the screenings and enjoy the films,” she says.

 “After the screenings, we give a report of the film to our Communicative English teachers.”

Gandhi Class has many members from each year. Some of the teachers are members of the club too. The screenings are held every Monday (except during vacations and holidays) at 2.30 pm in one of the classrooms of the college.

After the screening of each film, the members discuss the film for a while and list out the positive and negative aspects of the film.

“During that time, the members also give suggestions on which film can be screened next. Some even volunteer to lend their CDs and DVDs, if they have any, of classics and masterpieces,” informs Alina.

“All the students are free to be a part of the club,” says Jennifer. The club screens all kinds of films, be it French, English or even Indian films. “We have screened Indian films like Dance Like A Man and Before The Rains. We are open to films of all languages,” notes Alina.  The best part about this club is that it’s open to outsiders. “Anyone can come and join us,” say the members.

As she signs off, Alina says, “As the president, I would consider it a great achievement if we, as a club, are even able to make people enter the screenings without any bias and be open to what they see and learn to appreciate talent.”

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