'Married adult loses 730 hr of sleep due to partner's snoring'

According to the survey, husbands and wives are typically deprived of two hours a night -- four years over a 50-year marriage -- due to their other half's noisy breathing or constant turning.

Women are more likely to be kept awake by snoring while the biggest bugbear for men is fidgeting,the poll found.

Of 3,000 people polled, 40 per cent complained that their partner hogged the bed while 30 per cent said they fought over the duvet. It also found 47 per cent of people fear their sex life would go downhill if they didn't share a bed with their partner.

The survey was conducted for pudding makers Lovetub.A spokeswoman was quoted by the 'Daily Express' as saying, "Sharing a bed isn't all it's cracked up to be. But it seems we'll put up with lost sleep out of fear that we'll miss out on those intimate moments."

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