A Koala walks into a bar in Australian outback

The furry customer stunned drinkers in Queensland's Marlin bar just after 8 p.m. as he sauntered upto to the barman Kevin Martin, AAP reports.

Before the barman could ask him if he would like an iced Martini, the guest got disgruntled and after walking around serving tables climbed up a pole.

"I asked him for an ID and he didn't have any" jested Martin saying the guest did not respond and lay over piece of wood and went to sleep, obviously lulled by the blaring music.
But the furry visitor did not stay long as the bar owners called in the rangers who took him back to the wilds.

But the bartender hopes the furry visitor drops back in again sometime as his visit was great for the bar, a hotspot for backpackers.

"A lot of my customers called in their friends to have a look and it was great for business," Martin said, adding, " The little feller's welcome back anytime."

Magnetic Island where the bar is located has one of the largest Koala populations in Australia.

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