Bowled over by Brett

Rocking night

Bowled over by Brett

Musical: Brett Lee

The gorgeous cricketer was in the City last weekend to perform at Pebbles with his band White Shoe Theory. Brett, his long time friend Mick Vawdon — the vocalist and rhythm guitarist, drummer Kere and lead guitarist Jak form the White Shoe Theory.

 The rockstar sportsman had the girls swooning over him as usual, as he belted out a fantastic set of songs for a crowd of 250 to 300 people.

Bangalore band One Nite Stand opened for the rockers. Martin D Souza, the rapper of One Nite Stand, expressed his pleasure for getting an opportunity to open for White Shoe Theory. “It felt great to perform on a huge platform like that. We always had an image of Brett Lee as a cricketer in our minds. But he really rocked as a musician.”

Brett Lee’s band came on stage after 9 pm and played for around two hours. The band played covers of popular songs like Sweet Home Alabama, Summer Of 69, I Got You, Buster and Small Things among others. There were four original compositions – In My Shoes, Doesn’t Get Better Than This, Get Some’ and ‘Flying Machine.

Talking to Metrolife about their music, Mick Vawdon said, “It’s the ordinary things around us that inspire us to write songs. It’s not like we’d like to write only about relationships, love or romance. A traffic jam that we’re stuck in could give us ideas for a song.” Mick said they chose songs that people knew. They performed I saw her standing there, You’ve really got a hold on me by the Beatles. About their genre of music, Mick said that the band is largely comfortable with rock and soft rock. “Each of us in the band grew up listening to a lot of rock music. But we do have punk, reggae and rap influences in our music. But we try and stick to popular music,” he said.

 It wouldn’t be wrong to say that people were bowled over by Brett Lee and his team of brilliant musicians.

“We couldn’t get enough” was the common refrain that ran among the Brett fans at the concert. Ria Joseph, a jewellery designer brought along a big bunch of her friends and she says she was taken by surprise.

“It was a manageable crowd and the band sung some popular songs. Each of us had a chance to walk up to Brett and interact with him. More than Brett, I think the band came together brilliantly,” said Ria.

Kiran Kuryan, a lawyer spent his Saturday night at the Brett concert. “Frankly, I didn’t expect much from Brett, considering that we have known and seen him as a cricketer. But he surprised us all with his brilliant backing vocals. It was worth the while,” he signs off.

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