Recession-time mantras

Recession-time mantras

Would you grab an extra sachet of sugar when visiting a coffee shop to put in the kitchen cupboard for later? Or, would you rub half a lemon under your arms – a great natural deodorant? You can even seal the lemon with clingfilm overnight and cut off a slice before reusing! Welcome to the crazy world of money-saving tips, a world that has gone into overdrive in recent months.

Money-saving tips that once might have seemed bizarre are now being recommended with the emergence of extreme saving, thanks to the recession. Simply re-using a tea bag is old hat. Top of the tips, according to newspapers in Great Britain, is using a sewing machine to run two lines of stitching down the middle of a tea bag so that it can be cut in half to make two. And, if coffee is your preference, you could loiter in the reception area of certain bank branches where hot drinks are given out for free with the hard sell.

If you thought that was wacky, listen to this. Save cash in the pub by letting mates buy the first three rounds. By the fourth, they will have forgotten whose turn it is. You can even take home free ketchup, salt and pepper from a restaurant or pub and pour them into your own branded bottles.

The tip that I liked best was the one asking people to wash their clothes underfoot while in the shower to save on water! The trick is to wash yourself first and then stomp on your clothes and watch the suds clean them.

In the current climate, everyone needs to save money any which way they can. So, whether you are getting your washing done at a friend’s house or reading in daylight to save on electricity bills, remember the mantra: cheap is good but free is better.

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