Give your bathroom a makeover

Give your bathroom a makeover

 How about opting for the modern luxury bathroom that combines amenities and aesthetics? Opulent bathroom fittings with the ‘eco-friendly’ tag are most sought-after today.

Contemporary faucets are sleek with clean lines and simple minimalist designs, incorporating specially-designed jets and complex water-guidance technology to provide gentle stream or gushing waterfall effects. The vain vein lies in the precious metal finish - silver-nickel, bronze, gold or antique-gold, besides sparkling Swarovski crystals embedded on handle-tops/intersecting-hand-levers. Glass-sculpted faucets are on offer too. Faucets with soft, rounded edges are for those who disapprove of sharp, geometric angles.

Faucets with infrared sensors score over traditional sensor-faucets by heightening accuracy through a more intelligent sensing/analysis of the environment, thereby avoiding wrong starts. Modern faucets drive their sensors and control flow through the flowing water’s kinetic energy. Most also economise on water-usage.

Besides showers simulating the rain-effect, massage showers with steam are hot favourites. The tanning shower has an inbuilt bronzing facility that cleanses while simultaneously imparting a seductive, healthy glow to your skin! Baths, showers and saunas in the comfortable privacy of your own bathroom can also be extra-rejuvenating with systems for spa treatments like hydro-thermo/steam massage, chromatherapy, aromatherapy and heat therapy allying themselves with your bathroom fittings! Hydro-thermo massage combines heat, water and air jets to relieve pain and ease stress.
A steam shower cabin bundling LED-enabled chromatherapy and aromatherapy on to the normal cleansing shower is available. Adjustable seats help you share it with your partner! The dry sauna is accommodated in a cabin glass-panelled at the front to release warm air for soothing aches away. Infrared heat therapy rooms are ideal for sports-warm-ups or therapeutic-massages. The plainest facility is a Vitamin C showerhead and a chlorine filter.

Bathtubs today boast of four to eight jet whirlpool features. A luxury acrylic liner keeps the whirlpool warm for a longer time. Whirlpool bathtubs with inline heaters cut water-usage. For those itching to flaunt your prosperity, bathtubs studded with Swarovski crystals are just the thing! Bathroom sinks too come in various hues, designs and shapes. Elegant copper sinks are popular. Dual-flush, ultra-low-flow modern toilets economise on water-usage. One designer toilet has a lid that automatically lifts at your approach, flushes and closes when you leave! Through remote control, you can also avail of facilities like heated toilet seat, front/rear washing, air-dryer and deodoriser!

Wall displays and multimedia systems  waterproof screens to email, SMS messages, browse the Net, make a telephone call, listen to music, watch movies/TV or read the newspaper are the ultimate in bath luxury!

Lots of little pleasures enrich your bathroom sojourn - wine cooler, towel/clothes warming cabinet or wall-hung radiator, simulated fireplace, medicine cabinets with a night-light, Swarovski-crystal-studded towel bar, waterproof mirror, semi-precious-stone-studded lounge chair and  soap-holders holding the bar above the sink to dry.....!

LED plays a major role in bathroom aesthetics, beautifying floor/wall tiles and translucent ceiling tiles. Besides, LED handles on the bathroom door glow to indicate you’re inside.

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