Shimmering looks in winter


Shimmering  looks in winter

 Beautiful: Celina Jaitley strikes a style statement with a woolen cap and muffler.A bit of chill and an abundance of pleasant sunshine, Bangalore really shimmers during this time of the year. And on the fashion scene as well, one can experiment and explore with a range of sweaters and shawls available in the market. These sweaters look extremely stylish and keep you cosy at the same time, say the youngsters of the City.

Gauri According to Gauri Divate, a first year student, a black cardigan is a must-have this season. “Be it jeans or skirts, a black cardigan goes well with everything,” she says.

“Apart from that, jackets and pullovers are comfortable and keep you warm. My favourite colours in woollen wear are blue and maroon.” She loves wearing turtle-necked pullovers too. “The ones available on the roadside stores on Commercial Street are extremely cheap,” she feels. “The branded ones can be a bit expensive but most sweaters last long. So it’s worth paying for them.”

Zeeshan, a class 12 student of the Frank Anthony Public School, wears sweaters even when it’s hot! “They keep me warm and cosy and I look good in them,” he laughs. “My favourite sweater is a purple and grey one that I bought from Megamart. I like leather and denim jackets too.” He has a style tip to offer when it comes to sweaters.

“Cut-sleeved sweaters can be worn with collared and full-sleeved shirts,” he advises.

“And if you are wearing a full-sleeved shirt with a full-sleeved sweater, just take a bit of the sleeves out of the sweater near the wrists.” He adds, “Even if you are wearing a T-shirt inside your sweater, make sure that the T-shirt is seen from the collar area. And if you team these sweaters up with a pair of jeans and Converse shoes, you will look really cool.”

Vrinda Kalia, a student of M S Ramaiah College of Pharmacy, loves wearing sweaters too.
“I love wearing pullovers, light jackets and sweaters. However, I am not very fond of the buttoned sweaters. But buttons look cute on shrugs,” she notes. Many of her sweaters have been hand-knit by her great grandmother.

“Go for darker colours like purple, plum, red and green. Don’t opt for bright fluorescent colours. Pair these sweaters up with a nice stole or muffler and you are ready to rock.”

 Popular Bangalore-based designer Nimirta Lalwani says oversized garments are totally in. “Opt for oversized sweaters in lighter colours like navy blue, olive green and off white,” she says. “When it comes to jackets, leather and black biker jackets are in. Even blazers with the military look and high shoulders look extremely stylish.”

There is one tip to be kept in mind. “If you are sporting an oversized sweater or a baggy sweater dress, wear it with a belt over your high waist. It gives you a nice shape,” she reveals. “Besides, wool-blended dresses (made from a combination of wool and some other fabric) look really cool too. Wear these with stockings or tights and you will be dressed to kill,” she signs off.

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