Portraying the troubles in a celeb's life...

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Portraying the troubles in a celeb's life...

HANDSOME Ramesh AravindThat too much popularity and an ever expanding fan base could wreak havoc in a celeb’s personal life, is the crux of debutant director Gangan Krishna’s Priya Sakha. The story also depicts how the media wastes no chance in probing a celeb’s personal space and how controversies are sown overnight.

This topic is perhaps being discussed for the first time in Kannada cinema. Priya Sakha is the Kannada remake of K Balachander’s film Puthu Puthu Arthangal which traces the life of a singer whose personal life falls apart because of his increasing popularity.

In the Kannada version, Ramesh Aravind plays the lead as a singer and Biaencaa Desai is probably the ‘other woman’ or should we just say a female fan; and Nikitha plays Ramesh’s possessive wife.

The story traces the life of the singer (Ramesh) who comes across as a cheerful and happy man in public but is shattered within, thanks to his troubled marriage. “Never have I played such a role in a Kannada film. Here the singer goes through a sea of emotions. He’s traumatised to the core but manages to retain his sanity. It’s a brilliant character,” Ramesh told Metrolife.

FRESH Biaencaa DesaiRamesh recalls that he had done something similar in Tamil film Duet which was a roaring success. Ramesh says he enjoys his character because it’s steeped in reality.

Talking more about the film, director Gagan Krishna says, “Every celebrity must strike a balance between his personal and professional life. The story traces the events that take place in a celeb’s troubled marriage. Small things are misconstrued and a lack of communication even leads to a divorce in this case,” says Gagan.

Biaencaa Desai says her role is challenging. “It’s a misconception that a married man and a single woman cannot be friends. That they inevitably end up in a relationship is a notion that most people have. My character tries to challenge that,” says Biaencaa.   The film will be shot in Bangalore and Bangkok.

Nina C George

An irritating guy!

SWEET Daisy Shah and Prajwal Devaraj.If you think people from the villages are dumb and suffer a cultural shock when they step into a city, think again.

Bhadra hopes to dispel any such myth. It traces the life of a young man who settles well into a city and even proves troublesome at his college and later a menace for people around him.

His parents pack him off to his village but this bright spark returns only to nag those around him with his razor sharp humour and quick-witted comments.

Prajwal Devaraj plays the young man’s role in Bhadra “He’s conscious about his dressing and makes sure he wears only branded stuff. It’s quite uncommon for someone who has come in from the village to settle into a city life so quickly. But this young man has no such hassles and quickly finds his comfort zone in a city atmosphere. He’s a happy-go-lucky man who gets entangled in a group clash. That’s where the story really begins,” explains Prajwal.

Prajwal has experimented with his looks. He sports a messy hairstyle and a stubble.
“I am supposed to look a little shoddy and rough just like someone who is so fascinated by a City that he tries his best to be one with the urban dweller,” adds Prajwal.  

Talking about the film, director Mahesh Rao says it has no blood shed or extreme violent scenes. “Even the fight scenes are a lot subdued. It’s an out-and-out entertainer,” says Mahesh. The shooting will be held in Bangalore, Bangkok and Malaysia. 

Of power and struggle

PENSIVE A scene from Swayam Krushi. Every individual has certain power or strength within. How one harnesses that strength and translates it into something more constructive determines the person’s future.

Swayam Krushi is a story about a young man from a small town who dreams of making it big in a city. He moves to the city with a dream in his heart. He stays with a friend and tries to find a job. His efforts go in vain but he doesn’t lose heart.

In the midst of all this crisis, he falls in love. But wants to find a job before he jumps into a marriage, “the girl’s father approves of their relationship. And the boy soon goes to Mumbai to find a job. He returns after six months only to find that things have changed and the girl is all set to marry a millionaire,” explains Vijay Chandur, co-director of the film and adds, “that’s when the young man realises the importance of money and power even in a relationship.”

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