Chaturmukha Basadi: Four doors to divinity

Divine basadi:  A view of Chaturmukha Basadi from Bahubali Betta.Chaturmukha Basadi is a symmetrical Jain temple which got its name due to the four identical doorways in four directions that leads to the Garbhagriha (Sanctum Sanctorum).
Consecrated by Vira Pandya Deva, the king of Bhairava family in 1432, the Basadi was completed in 1586 by Immadi Bhairava (Bhairava II). About 30 years of hard work from different sculptors created this architectural wonder.


The Basadi is built in a form of a square mandapa or hall and has four identical doorways with a spacious pillared portico on each of its four sides. The roof is flat and constructed with huge granite slabs. There are a total of 108 pillars inside and outside the temple.


This temple is dedicated to the Theerthankara Aranatha, Mallinatha and Munisuvrata who are represented by twelve black-stone images in standing pose and of identical shape at the four cardinal points of the Basadi. Depictions of the 24th Theerthankara and Yakshi Padmavati can also be found in the temple.

The Basadi has a stone wall surrounding the temple like a fort. A flight of stairs are chipped on the slopes of the rocky hill which makes way for this beautiful shrine. This place is an archeologically protected monument and attracts tourists who often visit to meditate and pray. The temple is situated close to Ramasamudra, a scenic lake dedicated to Veera Bhairava’s son Ramanatha who died during his father’s time and the magnificent monolithic statue of Bahubali. You can get a fantastic view of Chaturmukha Basadi from the top of ‘Bahubali Betta’.

The Basadi is also referred to in the inscriptions as Tribhuvana Tilaka Jina Chaityalaya and Ratnaraya Dhama and is one of the most celebrated Basadi in Karkala.

How to reach

Karkala is situated about 52 km to the northeast of Mangalore.

Udupi is the nearest railway station (40 km) and Bajpe, Mangalore is the nearest airport.
There are numerous buses available from Mangalore and Mudabidri to reach Karkala.

It takes almost 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Karkala from Mangalore. Autorickshaws are available to reach Chaturmukha Basadi from Karkala town.

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