Tips for cab drivers on safe driving

The training programme, being held in collaboration with the City traffic police and the Institute for Road Traffic Education, will conclude on Monday.

A BIAL spokesperson said that over 250 drivers of Meru cabs, Easy cabs and other drivers will be trained during the five-day session.

Various visual aids have been used to impart effective training, the spokesperson said.
According to statistics available with the traffic police, the entire stretch of the Bangalore-Bellary road has turned into an accident zone with nearly 60 mishaps occurring every year since the airport became operational.

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Praveen Sood said: “The major reason for such fatal accidents is the good road. Motorists tend to drive fast leading to accidents. Most accidents take place either at late night or during early morning hours. Besides, several pedestrians die in hit-and-run cases. Such awareness programme would bring in some change among the drivers.”

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