Dutch surprise for city


The riders are part of the ‘Hot and Spicy Challenge’ that started in New Delhi and culminated in the city on Saturday. The challenge was to complete the distance in 14 days to gain Euros 23,000. However, the money wasn’t for them. It was for a cause to improve infrastructure of three schools in Belgaum, Kathmandu and Leh.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, initiator of the challenge Alex Vanderhorst said that he is a partner of a company in Mysore. On returning to Netherlands, he described ‘How great Karnataka is’ to his friends.

So a few people participated in the Autorickshaw rally that started from Mumbai and ended in Chennai. Soon after that he and his friends decided to undertake a bike tour across the county to have a vacation and at the same time raise donation for constructing a school in flood ravaged Leh and improving the condition of schools in Belgaum and Kathmandu.

Later Vanderhorst organised a tour map starting from Nepal. However due to time constraints, the tour started from New Delhi and ended in Mysore.

Describing his experience on the road, Vanderhorst said that the first few days were not a cake-walk exactly, as adjusting themselves to the traffic was tad difficult.

On the second day, a biker bumped into a median which was like an object jutting out from the middle of the road, and couldn’t ride for two days, he remarks. About a week ago, one bike was pushed off the road and exploded into flames partially burning the leg of its rider.

Despite such incidents, Vanderhorst said that people were always cheering them and egging them on, during their ride. On a lighter note, he said that in the Netherlands, riders keep the headlights of their bikes on. But, when they were travelling across India, most people would tell them to switch their lights off.

Route map

The Hot and Spicy Challenge started from Delhi passing through Agra, Gwalior, Ajanta, Pune, Goa, Hampi, Chikmagalur and ending in Mysore. The group had 20 bikers closely followed by a van having two mechanics,  a paramedic, to tackle eventualities; men or machines. 

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