A healthy mind

A healthy mind

 According to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, what we let into the mind is equally important. For instance, he said in a recent NDTV interview in Dharamsala, "As a Buddhist monk there is no dinner but a very heavy breakfast and lunch, so sufficient food."

Then he pointed out, "I think physically these things are important. According to latest scientific findings a healthy mind is very important for a healthy body. So I think in my own case, comparatively, I think my mental state is quite peaceful. Whenever I am hurt or face some problem, I look at it from a wider way, a holistic way and that also helps to reduce anxiety so perhaps my mental state is quite peaceful, quite calm so that (is) also one factor."

What are some of the personal thoughts of this spiritual master that nourish a healthy mind? He observes…  "I consider every soul as human being. Basically we are all the same, nothing different. Physically we are the same. Of course there is a little difference in colour, or size of the nose, otherwise we are completely same. If you ask scientists what are the differences in the brain or in the neuron... nothing. We are therefore emotionally same. So I never look at human beings as the president or king or prime minister or beggar... in my eyes all are the same.

So, whenever I meet these people I say, "Look at them, they are just other human beings... our brothers and sisters. So this also creates more peace in my mind. But I may not be that level of mind not always, occasionally I burst."

Most of us lose control of our anger, but His Holiness does too. What can we learn from him about that urge within us that overwhelms us sometimes?

He says, "when I get angry or irritated due to (a) very small mistakes of some other people, then I just express and then finish; but sometime when it is a more serious form of anger, I try to separate myself from anger, then watch my anger, that emotion... then immediately the strength of anger diminishes, according to my own experience. And then, I also share with my friends… in order to bring more calmness to my mind.

“You cannot have some sort of special practice for each case, but you must build your basic mental attitude in a healthy way, like in the case of a healthy body if the immune system is strong then virus or germs can't disturb you much, so similarly, your mental attitude has to be calm, then if some disturbance comes, even if some negative emotions come, they remain for very short period, all the emotions remain on the surface, and do not disturb much in depth."

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