Indian woman gets Shilling Wall Tribute Award in Oz

Krishna Arora's name was engraved on Queen Victoria's Women Centre (QVWC) Wall and she was awarded a Shilling Wall Tribute certificate by the multicultural commission at a ceremony here yesterday.

Arora moved to Australia in 1992 from Delhi and has been an active participant in various community-based events such as organising catering services for 29 days continuously for 1,100 people in Melbourne.

Giving away the award, Multicultural Commissioner Madhu Bhatia said it was a great honour and pleasure to see an Indian lady's name engraved in QVWC shilling wall.

Arora, who heads the senior citizen association club, has served the community at various levels, including providing help to old people who are facing domestic issues here.

Having a cookery and hospitality background, Arora also offers telephonic cooking service.

"I help people by offering various services and I also run tele-cooking services as many are away from their families and don't know cooking," she said.

Recalling an incident wherein a lady asked her to baby sit for her children, Arora said "I used to feel so bored after I arrived here that it prompted me to offer my services to the community."

She thanked Victorian government for the award and recognition of her work, as also the Indian federation which gave her the platform to serve the community.

"It has been a long journey for me. I feel honoured to be a part of the Shilling Wall," said Arora, who has taught in the Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa, in New Delhi for several years and written a cookery text book for the Catering Institutes in India.

Arora has also opened the Asian Memorial Institute of Hotel Management and Catering in Chennai.

She came to Australia in 1992 to join her family and has been very active in the community.  She has been the Food Editor of 'Indian Voice', a monthly newspaper since 1993, and is passionate about helping the community, particularly providing help to senior citizens.

She is also a co-founder of the Indian Senior Citizens Association.

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