Niranthara Ranga Utsava from today

A demonstration based on poetry ‘Ide Iththu Iruthade’  and theatre workshop for college students will be held on at Gandhi Bhavan, Manasagangothri.

The magnum opus of theatre legend B V Karanth ‘Sattavara Neralu’ will be enacted by Benaka troupe, Bangalore on November 23. 

Sattavara Neralu is a sui generis creative theatre expression of G B Joshi popularly known as "Jadabharatha".  Sattavara Neralu shakes the stable philosophical base and intellectually inquires into the eternally rooted and firm beliefs in our society.

The second play ‘Ghasiram Kotval’ directed by Pramod Shiggaon will be held on November 24, performed by the Janadani troupe.

The play discusses various issues such as human sights, power politics, corruption and disillusionment. The play is a story of a Brahmin who comes to Pune but is dishonoured by his own people.

 He swears to take revenge and uses strategies to spit venom against his perpetrators. In this play power politics, feudalism and caste play a very important role.

Hamsalekha Desi College, Bangalore, will present the third play ‘Jokumaraswamy’ directed by P Gangadharaswamy on November 25. Jokumaraswamy is a folk deity in north Karnataka associated with the monsoon festivals of sowing.

The troupe, Aneka from Bangalore will enact the play ‘Arere Kunhirama’ directed by Suresh Anagalli on November 26. The play is based on Moliere's 'Scoundrel Scapin'.

The Trinetra Chhau Dance Centre from Jharkand will perform ‘Chhau Dance’ directed by Gopal Prasad Dubey on November 27.

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