Environmental awareness camp organised

Environmental awareness camp organised

An environmental awareness field trip covering renewable energy sources, conversion of waste into bio-gas, how to sustain our ecology with best practices, was held in the city.
It was as part of four-part value added educational special lecture series programme by Vasanthkumar Mysoremath, a social activist and HRD resource person.

Around 50 D Ed Trainee Teachers belonging to Government Training Centre for Hearing Impaired and Hellen Keller Training Centre for Visually Impaired were taken to National Institute of Engineering Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (NIE-CREST) for acquiring first hand knowledge and experience. 


Mysoremath explained the purpose of the visit to NIE-CREST for these visually impaired and hearing impaired students who will be teachers tomorrow, how they can educate the children with similar disabilities for equipping them with the need for conserving natural resources like fossil fuel, coal, water at grassroots level for posterity. 

How, climate change is taking place that is resulting in global warming and is creating its own impact on agricultural production and affecting the bio-diversity were explained in detail, in continuation of the earlier lecture sessions conducted for the special students of D.Ed course.

Dr Shamsundar, Prof. & Director, NIE-CREST addressed the D Ed students, gave a pictorial power point presentation of various alternate and renewable energy sources available to mankind and requested them to carry forward the message of the need for preservation and protection of natural resources at grassroots level.

He lamented that the urban population were actually squandering the meagre/available energy resources for their out of the box living experience/purpose without regard to nature and its fast depleting resources like oil, coal and water. 


He desired that these special students of D Ed must go back and educate as many children as possible in urban and rural areas in order to catch them young and to become a pressure group for drawing the attention of the concerned authorities to make their future life and generations to come also that much liveable.

He also explained how NIE-CREST is trying to solve the perennial problem of solid waste.

On behalf of the Institutions, Murali and Annapurna, faculty members expressed their gratitude for having enlightened the staff and special D Ed, students on the most important contemporary problems on environmental and ecology.

They opined that  such highly useful awareness programmes on personality development and environment are made part of the curriculum in schools and colleges.

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