Denzel Washington breaks the law to drive a train

"In the movie I'm not actually driving because I don't have a license, so it would be against regulations. In fact I'm not even supposed to tell you I even drove a train!," said Washington.

Nevertheless, the 55-year-old actor enjoyed driving the train as it made him feel "powerful", reported BBC.

"I got to learn how to drive trains, so that was a lot of fun. It's a powerful feeling having this mile-long monster behind you doing what you want it to do," he said.

Washington also said that he foolishly insisted on performing his own stunts in the Tony Scott directed movie.

"There's a train running along the track going at 50 miles an hour. It's really me running up there - I'm a fool for even trying it. But it's really an intense film."

"My ego and stupidity took over. They needed the shots with me actually up there running so I had to do it," he added.

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