Innovative combination of notes

The City was recently treated to a mesmerising concert by Flying Cats

delightful A performance by Flying Cats.

Held at B Flat, Indiranagar during the weekend, the three musicians gave a spellbinding performance.

The band consisted of Holger Jetter on electric violin, Sangoma Everett on drums and Mishko M’Ba on electric six string bass guitar.

While Holger is from Germany and lives in Pondicherry; Sangoma Everett is from the United States of America, but has been living in Paris, France.

Mishko M’Ba, who hails from France, spends a lot of time travelling around the world.
The three played a number of their own compositions like Temple Steps, Perhaps and even a song with a Tamil title Polama, which means let’s go.

Having lived in Pondicherry, Holger and Mishko surely proved their love for Tamil language with this song.

Extremely pleased to be performing in the City, Holger told Metrolife, “It is always nice to be performing in Bangalore as the audience is really good and attentive. We received a positive response to all our compositions and it was a great experience on the whole.”

When asked about the Tamil song Polama, he said, “Since we live in Pondicherry, we understand Tamil,” he smiled. The musicians proved their talent and versatility as they performed all the compositions with ease and dexterity.

A highlight of the evening was the camaraderie between the three musicians.
For instance, during one of the performances, Mishko M’Ba strummed his bass guitar and went into a trance-like state as he kept on playing it like a lead guitar.

While Holger, played the violin like a bass guitar. It was an innovative combination of wits and talent as the three musicians hit the right note time and again.

Said Arati Rao-Shetty, who was responsible for bringing the musicians for the concert, “I was really happy to see actual music-lovers coming to the show. It was not just people coming in to enjoy a night out. Despite being experts, all the three musicians had written notes that they constantly referred to. Besides, the way they interchanged and supported each other was quite unusual and highly appreciable.”

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