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Gigantic bite

mouth-watering The biggest sandwich on display.

The open-faced vegetarian sandwich, topped with delicious and healthy fillings, was the cynosure of all eyes at the mall.

It was prepared by Au Bon Pain to conclude the ten-day Restaurant Week.

Under the guidance of Au Bon Pains executive chef, a team of 10 experts took the initiative to craft the biggest sandwich of the City.

The crostini, which was 24-feet long, four-feet wide and seven-inches high, surely tempted the onlookers.

The sandwich was created using high fibre bread base weighing up to 202 kg, with a delightful spread of basil pesto and a spread of lavish fillings of corn, olives, roasted bell peppers and onion rings weighing up to 547 kg topped up with 98 kg of grated cheese. On a whole, it weighed around 850 kg.

Subbanna Kannur, the General Manager of Au Bon Pain, explained how the majestic sandwich was prepared. “Known for its delicious and healthy soups, salads, beverages, desserts and a huge selection of bakery items, Au Bon Pain is going one more step ahead by creating this huge sandwich. We feel honoured to get the opportunity to showcase our culinary expertise,” he said.

After being on display for a few hours, the sandwich was donated to Red Cross Society which would feed around 2,500 people. Madhura of Red Cross Society symbolically received the sandwich and she assured that the members of the society would distribute it to the needy people.

As a part of Restaurant Week, Hrishikesh won a contest with prizes worth over Rs 10 lakh including air tickets, gift vouchers from participating restaurants, movie tickets, kitchenware etc.

Nearly 74 restaurants participated in the Restaurant Week, offering exciting discounts for the customers. One-minute contests, quizzes and other fun activities were conducted at the mall to enthrall the gathering.

“I was surprised after seeing such a huge sandwich. I felt very happy when I heard that it would be distributed to the needy people,” said Swapan Das, one of the shoppers at the mall.

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