Cholesterol drug benefits kidney patients

 Patients receiving the daily pill, a combination of simvastatin and ezetimibe, had one-sixth fewer heart attacks, strokes or operations to unblock arteries than those receiving a placebo ‘dummy’ pill.

The study findings were reported at an American Society of Nephrology conference in Denver, USA.

Chronic kidney disease is very common, affecting up to one in 20 of the middle-aged population, and substantially more of those who are older.

Although people with chronic kidney disease are known to have an increased risk of a stroke or heart attack, it has been very unclear what treatments could prevent these conditions in this group of patients.

Dr Martin Landray, co-principal investigator at Oxford’s Clinical Trial Service Unit, said, “Over the past couple of decades, we have recognised that chronic kidney disease is associated with a high risk of cardiovascular complications, and have realised that kidney disease is common. But we have failed so far to identify any treatments that are effective in reducing that risk.”

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