Four-nation rally on carbon footprint

Students from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal participate in an awareness campaign in Bangalore on Tuesday. DH photo

There were two students from Pakistan and three each from Sri Lanka and Nepal whom joined 52 more students from India to make the citizens of Bangalore pledge against carbon emission. Slogans like ‘Do not be mean, go green, there is no planet ‘B’, echoed through their march. For 16-year-old Nicole from Sri Lanka, her first visit to India could not have been better than explaining to people about a topic so sensitive to the entire world, and for 13-year-old Maureen from Nepal it was an opportunity to make Bangaloreans pledge to restore green cover in the ‘garden city’. “I have heard that Bangalore was called a garden city but it is changing now. I want a chance to change it and take the City back to its yesteryears,” she said. The rally was organised by Edu Media.

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