Yeddyurappa cheated fate four times

Yeddyurappa has survived four crises that threatened to unseat him during his 29-month old government.

Each time he emerged unscathed from the mess, his followers share sweets, like they did on Wednesday, after the party central leadership resolved to continue him as Chief Minister.

The first time Yeddyurappa walked the razor’s edge was in October last year when he was faced with a rebellion orchestrated and led by the Reddys of Bellary. The intervention of the central leaders saved his chair, but the Chief Minister had to pay a price.

Yeddyurappa faced a second threat to his position when 16 MLAs, including five independents, rebelled against his leadership and withdrew support. The Governor asked him to prove majority in the House. He succeeded in proving his majority in the House whose strength was reduced with the rebels being disqualified.

But the Governor did not accept the result of the floor test and asked the Chief Minister to face the test again. Yeddyurappa did so four days later and emerged victorious, even though his party’s strength had come down substantially in the House. And, that was his third victory.

Now, he has emerged victorious for fourth time. This time, the corruption charges levelled against him prompted the party leadership to contemplate disciplinary action against him. But after a week-long political drama, it was the high command that caved in, and allowed him to continue as chief minister.

A fortnight of turmoil

Nov 15 - Yeddyurappa denies allegations of nepotism, says previous Chief Ministers did the same

Nov 16 - Opposition mounts pressure on CM demanding his resignation

Nov 17 - A few more documents related to sanction of KIADB land to CM’s sons released to media

Nov 18 - State Cabinet decides for a judicial probe into land deals

Nov 19 - BJP high command summons CM to Delhi; CM’s kin surrender BDA sites and KIADB land

Nov 20 - CM meets BJP core committee leaders; He was reportedly asked to resign

Nov 21 - CM says, “Yeddyurappa’s successor is Yeddyurappa.”

Nov 22 - CM visits Puttaparthi before reaching Delhi, holds meeting with MPs

Nov 23 - Yeddyurappa meets party’s senior leaders

Nov 24 - BJP leadership formally announces BSY will continue

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