Donning the director's hat

Says Pawan, “Having worked with Yograj sir in Manasare and Pancharangi, I knew I wantedBig Step : Pawan  Kumar to direct. But for this, I had to get trained first. Finally now, I am ready to take the director’s seat.”

The film is called Lifu Ishtene – a word from the lyrics of a popular song of Pancharangi.
The film will be produced by Yograj Bhat and Manjunath and will star Diganth. “Lifu Ishtene is an urban love story. I have worked with Diganth, so he was in my mind when I was writing the script. When he agreed, I was really happy,” he adds.

The search for the heroine is on and most probably Radhika Pandit will be considered for the role.

“I am looking for an actress who has a good command over the language and can perform,” he says.

Will there be a Yograj Bhat influence on his style of film-making? “I have directed many plays before and my style is totally different from Yograj’s. His focus is more on words, mine will be more on visuals,” Pawan adds.

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