When a picture speaks a thousand words


Taking photographs was almost like a privilege long ago when every family used to have only one camera. But today, with every cellphone having an attached camera, it has become easy to capture every mundane detail of life.

This holds true even for those who are not interested in photography. Still there are some people who feel quite passionately about the art and are not satisfied with the average lens and go for something bigger. Even if it comes at a price!

In the world of photography, lenses are what make a camera even if they cost a bomb. “It is better to go for a camera with a nominally-priced body and good lens,” says Samir Paul, an IT professional. He says that it was the urge to be creative which made him take the leap and purchase a DSLR. “I planned for about six months before purchasing my camera. I guess you can experiment on a digital camera too but it just depends on your bend of mind,” he says.

Many agree that while digital cameras are a good way to start, SLRs give photographs a new meaning.

“Initially, I started out with a digital camera but once that was broken, I decided to get something more expensive. If you are really passionate about photography as a hobby, a DSLR is a good investment,” says Kritika Raghvendran, a student of psychology. And during this digital age, it’s hard to keep track of a bundle of reels. “I had been interested in photography since my school days and owned an SLR but the reels used to cost a lot. I guess DSLRs are a huge investment but you can always plan for them,” says Tanmay Ruchi, a professional.

The high cost ensures that you don’t buy the equipment if you are not that serious about the art. “I always wanted to buy an SLR but it was never a priority. Learning to use them also takes time so I stuck to buying a digital camera,” says Jomon, a professional.

 The technicalities of the camera are a hurdle even after purchasing one but there are ways around it. “I did take some time out to understand the functions and even my father gave me a few tips but at the end of the day, it is all trial and error,” says Kritika.

“There are websites too which give you enough information about using a camera,” says Tanmay. “You have to do a little bit of groundwork but the rest is upto you,” he adds. And in the end, the pictures say it all. “When I click a photo now, I know that it’s me who has taken the photograph,” says Samir.
Focussed : People indulging in photography don’t mind paying a bomb for a camera.

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