WGA enters city’s realty scene

Duo Group, a diversified business group promoted by AM Sharath Chandra and T Phani Mahesh, with primary interest in real estate and property development and based in Bangalore, has entered into an MoU with Western Gulf Advisory (WGA),  a Swiss and Holland based asset and wealth management company. The Mou heralds the entry of WGA into Bangalore’s realty market.

New porcelain mosaic product

Grooved in to fill the most desired need of the architectural fraternity, these mosaics, small in size, are in fact very amazing; they create a feeling of bigger space and great looks.

“Piccolo range of porcelain mosaics allows the designer an unbelievable, first of its kind, palette of colours and textures creating stunning visual effects covering your architectural needs. The excitement begins with modular format; which empowers you to mix and merge different sizes and colours to make very imaginative, vivid, subtle and colourful creations.

Besides this, mixing of two or more sizes does not change the joint gap between the mosaics! This trend setting concept is gaining popularity worldwide and is already a part of lifestyle in developed markets. Piccolo porcelain mosaics are finished products & not cut to the size thereby giving your spaces a very decorative and smart look. These professionally crafted porcelain mosaics gets value addition by Italian machineries in state-of-the-art fully automated manufacturing facilities.

Piccolo porcelain mosaics are a cultivation of a feeling, creation of expectation and excitement, a promise of quality and service an emotional response to architectural needs in different colours, surfaces and sizes,” said Amit Juvekar, General Manager, Marketing, Italia Group.

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