Karkare's jeep gathers dust

 “We have recently obtained necessary orders and the repair work of the vehicle will be started soon. It would be taken up on a priority basis,” Assistant Police Commissioner (Motor Transport division) Prakash Achrekar said.

The bullet-ridden Qualis jeep (MHO1-BA-569) has been moved to the MT Department in June after obtaining permission from the special court, which had heard the 26/11 case.

The broken glass and bullet marks on the windshield and the body are still visible on the jeep. The vehicle with punctured tyres was parked outside Crime Branch office till June inside the Police Headquarters at Crawford market before it was moved for repairs to the MT Department.

Sources said the MT garage is busy repairing other police vehicles. Rs 2 lakh has been sanctioned. “There is a shortage of labour. Our hands are full as of now. During the rainy season, there were a number of vehicles waiting for some or other repairs. Hence, the Qualis jeep has not been touched yet,” the sources added.

The MT has planned to put new seat covers, windshields, a GPS system with a wireless set, new tyres and a fresh coat of paint before it is inducted into the force.

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